Settling In Policy

When a child is accepted by the nursery, arrangements will be made for a visit so that the child can familiarise themselves with the nursery. The nursery staff will work in partnership with parents / carers to settle the child into the nursery environment.

Our aim is to: ensure that all children new to the nursery feel settled and happy in the environment and that parents/carers are comfortable with regards to leaving them.

As a parent, one of the hardest days of your life is the day when you leave your child in daycare for the first time.

Suddenly, they have a whole little life away from you, and it’s a difficult thing to get used to. Even if you’re 100 per cent certain that you’ve chosen the very best place for them, entrusting your most treasured possession to someone else’s care is a big and scary step!

Here, one mum writes a letter to her child as she leaves them at nursery for the first time. It was emotional – but they both made it through.

Click here to read the letter

  • During the first few weeks, parents/carers can stay with the child for sufficient time so that the child feels settled and the parent/carer feels comfortable about leaving her or him.
  • Parents will be asked to complete an All About Me Form, to be brought along to your child's first settling in visit.
  • On your child's first settling in visit, your child's Key Worker will sit with you and complete the “My Starting Points”.
  • All parents are welcome to visit the nursery at any time and spend time in their child’s room. Grandparents and other close relatives who often bring and collect children are also invited to spend time in nursery.
  • Parents are encouraged to telephone the nursery or call into the nursery as many times as they wish to check on their child. If telephoning, please be aware that it is not always possible to answer the telephone immediately. However if you leave a message and wish us to call you back please do so.

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