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We pride ourselves in providing the highest possible standard of childcare and education through promoting the 5 Outcomes set by OFSTED.

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What did Ofsted have to say about us?

"Children are extremely happy, interested and self-assured in the stimulating and welcoming nursery".

"Children are able to explore the environment with confidence and emotionally secure".

"Staff have an excellent understanding of how children learn and develop. They know children very well and provide rich and challenging learning experiences".

"The quality of teaching is of a consistently high standard".

"Leadership is inspirational. The manager has an excellent understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage".

"Babies and children are wonderfully supported to settle into the nursery when they first start and their emotional security is promoted exceptionally well". 

"Arrangements to promote children's safety and well-being are extremely robust".

"The manager and her staff team have high expectations and constantly strive for excellence".

"The highly motivated and driven management team lead with vigour and determination. All staff are extremely committed to providing challenging and unique learning experiences for all children in their care". 

"Children have strong attachments to staff who are very caring and attentive to their individual needs".

"Children have numerous opportunities to develop their literacy skills and practice their early writing".

"Children develop essential skills for the future as they are inquisitive, ask questions and solve problems. they learn to be patient, take turns and develop their social skills as they engage in meaningful conversation with others".

"Parents are delighted with the service they receive and are very complimentary about the nursery".


Portico Nursery group is a group of 7 private childcare facilities based across Merseyside, Lancashire & the North West.  

We currently have day nurseries in Prescot Liverpool, St Helens, Ormskirk, Skelmersdale. 

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