Portico Lodge Rooms

The nursery has three childcare rooms catering for ages 0-2 years, 2-3 years and 3 - 5 years. 

  • Baby Room
  • 2-3 Years
  • Pre SchoolRoom

Registered for 10 children 0-2 years with 3 fully qualified members of staff and a full time student.

A homely atmosphere help young babies settle into nursery life. Children are provided with warmth and security of care ensuring individual needs are met on a daily basis. The baby room consists of two separate rooms one designed for young babies and one for toddlers with them all joining together to enjoy social events such as group and meal times. Both rooms are brightly decorated and are well lit with lots of natural sunlight and ventilation. The toddlers room has direct access to the outdoor provision, both rooms are child friendly and are filled with an array of age appropriate toys and equipment designed for their age, development and needs.

Registered for 8 children 2-3 years with 2 fully qualified members of staff.

Our 2-3's room is divided into 2 bright and colourful rooms that allow children free flow access to both rooms that provide a full range of learning areas. These include a small world area, book and reading corner, number area, roleplay area, construction area and creative area. The children are encouraged to create their own play using these areas which is supported by the adult and adult led activities are also carried out each day to enhanced their individual interests and development.

Registered for 12 children aged 3-5 years with 2 fully qualified members of staff

The continuous provision areas ensure children's free choice of activity with a structured learning environment. They can continually access these areas in order to develop, practise, repeat and refine skills in their own time. Carefully planned resources offer the chance to experiment, observe and explore their surroundings and enables the children to discover information for themselves.

Parent partnerships are strong and children's interests are used to plan exciting games and activities making sure learning is fun. Through the six learning areas children will be supported in reaching their full potential and achieving their goals giving each child a wide range of experienced knowledge to draw upon when they enter school.

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