Our Rooms

  • Baby Room
  • 2-3's Room
  • Preschool
  • Outdoors

Our baby room is registered for 15 children from 0 months to 2 years.

It has a separate changing area and milk kitchen. Meal times are sociable occasions and daily diary books inform parents what their child has eaten and drunk, and any sleep times etc.

The bright and airy room is furnished to create softer and quieter areas for young babies and this creates a homely atmosphere. The room has also been designed to help toddlers grow and explore, with messy areas and places to role play and use their imagination. There are also spaces to be energetic and to rest. Routines are flexible in here to allow for young children's sleeping patterns.

Our 2-3’s room is registered for 25 children.

It is bright and spacious and has been planned to allow free flow play through all the continuous provision areas. Snack and meal times are sociable occasions, and nursery practitioners encourage children to make healthy choices.

The bathroom area is fully designed for potty and toilet training.

The planning and activities in this room are flexible to allow for children's changing interests. Our nursery practitioners work in partnership with parents to ensure every child’s needs are met.

The preschool room is situated upstairs and is registered for 40 children.

The room is bright and spacious and the continuous provision areas are designed to enable both free flow play and activities led by our well-trained practitioners. With a separate room for smaller activities, the space allows children freedom to explore, and to repeat and refine skills over time.

The bathroom area has been designed to enable children to develop independence going to the toilet, but also so that staff can support them without leaving the room.

At meal times, children sit together with their key person to chat about their day.

Our outdoor area has been professionally designed to offer the children opportunities to learn and explore in a different way to their indoor learning. It offers the chance to be physical and energetic, with areas to crawl and climb alongside resources such as a mud kitchen to develop creative and imaginative skills alongside developing mathematical and scientific learning. The imaginative story and small world areas create a sense of magic and wonder. Children access the area every day and have the opportunity to mix with children of other ages, develop social skills, and learn all about nature and their environment.