Town Green Ofsted Report

We pride ourselves in providing the highest possible standard of childcare and education through promoting the 5 Outcomes set by OFSTED.

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What did Ofsted have to say about us?

 Children enjoy interesting activities and use a wide range of toys playing together. Staff help them to build their knowledge and practise their skills. Staff establish warm and secure relationships with children, who have a strong sense of security and belonging.

Appropriate care practices and children's independence skills are supported. Children are confident, self-motivated, and their emotional well-being is effectively supported. Children enjoy plenty of opportunities to be active indoors and outside. Staff enhance children's physical activity by encouraging children to take part in games that are energetic and fun. These games also promote sharing and taking turns.

A very good partnership with professionals from the host school supports a shared approach to children's experiences. Effective communication with school teachers contributes towards staff complementing children's learning in school.


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